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 Customer benefits:

      •    No longer splicing the strand, you can use your strands as bulk material.
      •    There is no need to use a supplementary material (crimp, wire end ferrule).
      •    Investment saving no expensive equipment must be ordered.
      •    High precision and reliability.
      •    is used in automotive engineering.
      •    Functional precision work.
      •    Compacts your strand gas-tight.
      •    Universal from 0.25 mm to 2 and from 2 to 16 mm².
      •    Can be attached to any existing resistance welding machine.
Compacting with WELD-TECH

Compacting and precompacting for the subsequent spliceable processing of copper strands of all kinds.                         
  For use on cable processing machines we have  developed special modules that can be adapted directly to your machine.

Weld-Tech compacting device WTKV 0,5-2,5
Manual compacting device for cable cross sections 0,5mm²-2,5mm²
Pneumatically operated.
Weld-Tech compacting device WTKV2Z16R

Pneumatic compacting device up to 16 mm²

Detail view during a compaction

Compacting device with inserted stranded wire.
Jaws and electrodes during the compaction process
Weld-Tech compacting device variants WTKV1,0-6,0

· Pneumatic compacting head WTKV0,5-2,5 or WTKV1,0-6,0.
· AC welding control.
· Pneumatic unit.
· Welding transformer.
· Secondary power cable water cooled.
Weld-Tech compact welding head WTKV0.5-2.5 and WTKV1.0-6.0
with integrated compacting device


On request, the AC control is also supplied by other control types such as inverter or capacitor
Depending on the application, the current source is selected (alternating current, condenser or inverter).

· Active water cooling unit.
· One-way measuring system.
· Electrode set.
· Ceramic jaw set.

Accessories for the compacting technology

Standard ceramic jaws and special ceramics
for the resistance welding technique, in particular for the Litzenkompaktiertechnik.
Made according to your specifications or standard.
Very high heat shock and pressure resistant ceramic for resistance compact welding.
With the highest thermal shock and pressure resistance at a high level of service life and low wear
Different dimensions in the execution Raw or finished Ground in stock.

Standard compacting ceramic 14 x 14 x 9 mm with signs of wear after 1 000 000 welds.

Special ceramics,
for the resistance welding technique, in particular for the wirestrand compacting. Custom-made  according to your specifications or standard.
Special heat shock and  pressure resistant ceramic for resistance compact welding.

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