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Our training includes theoretical and practical  training.
Benefits for YOU
      • Many years of experience of the training staff.
      • At your place on the production machines.
      • Product independent.
      • Highly motivated.
Bid document
Theoretical part.
      • Overview of the most popular resistance welding processes.
      • Overview of the welding power sources.
      • Explanation of the welding current sources in relation to the application.
      • Explanation of the most important welding parameters such as current, voltage, power, time, pressure and sequence.
      • Quality and productivity.
      • How does the weld nugget.
      • Weld point size in relation to material thickness.
      • Testing of welded joint.
      • Motivation of the participants.
      • Practical part
      • Implementation of the learned theoretical knowledge on your resistance welding machines with practical exercises.
      • Parameter optimization.
Training recommendation
Production staff (3 days).
Designers (2 days).
Work preparation / planner (2days).
If you would like to train employees, we are of course happy to provide you with more information.
You can use the form to send us your training request directly.
We are happy to answer your questions about our training. To process your request directly, please complete the form below as completely as possible.

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