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Hi and welcome  by WELD-TECH

With  the help of resistance welding technology it is possible to combine  materials with different geometries, properties and surfaces.
Due to our decades of experience in resistance welding technology, we can share our accumulated experience in your products,
from the development,  the sample phase to the massproduction.
We solve your production problems individually.
For  years, we have been cooperating in the field of materials and  electrodes with renowned non-ferrous metal plants and manufacturers of  welding accessories.
Welding machines or welding controls depending on the application.
With  the help of our extensive contacts and experience in these fields, we  are able offer to you almost all resistance spot welding technologies  and non-ferrous metals
and special materials as well as wear parts for  welding technology in a cost-effective and top-quality way.

Our product range includes:
1. Resistance welding technique
2. Services
3. Welding accessories and spare parts for welding technology

We offer you for the
1. Resistance welding technique

      • Resistance welding controls.
      • Capacitor welding machines, alternating current systems; DC welding systems.
      • Spot welding heads; Welding heads.
      • Spot welding control systems; Welding controls.
      • Welding devices; Spot welding devices.
      • Compacting devices for copper strands.
      • Spot welding machines and special machines.
      • Standard electrodes, spot welding electrodes, resistance welding electrodes.
      • Spot welding special electrodes and electrode caps.
      • Special ceramic for resistance welding high heat resistant and pressure resistant.
      • Sintered metals (molybdenum, tungsten, tungsten copper, tungsten silver).
      • Electrode  semifinished products, hard copper, hard copper alloys, non-ferrous  metals such as CuCr, CuCrZr,                                                                                                                                                    CuBe, CuCoBe, CuCONiBe, CuNiCrSi, tungsten  copper CuW, and tungsten silver alloys AgW, hard metals, heavy metals,  silver and brazing alloys.
      • As well as special electrode material such as CuCrZrA and CuCrrZr Al³ for highest durability and lowest wear.
      • Spot welding gun parts.

2. Services
      • Sampling  and consulting of your prototypes (support, your design regarding the  feasibility and preparation of your joining parts).
      • Training  for you, as well as your employees in the field of resistance welding  technology Training on site (from the surgeon on the line to the  engineer).
      • Process optimization with DFMEA; PFMEA  (Application advice in resistance welding technology in general, or  specially tailored to the welding design and weldability.
      • Feasibility studies.
      • Subsequent process optimization with determination of the Cpk value for a safe production.
      • Wage welding.

3. Welding accessories and spare parts for welding technology
      • TIG welding torch parts.
      • Cutting spare parts and consumables.
      • Plasma cutting torch parts.
      • Spark erosion equipment, EDM spare parts and consumables.
      • MIG / MAG welding gun parts.
      • CuTe and CuS for welding accessories Cu, CuCr and CuCrZr tubes for MIG / MAG contact nozzles.

Weld-Tech resistance welding technology, electrode material and accessories.
Postal address:  Weld-tech
Leschkircherstr. 4f
                    81829 Munich
Phone:             ++ 089-62747600
Fax:                 ++ 089-62747601
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